What is the first thing you notice when you look around? You will probably notice that great sports car that just roared by. But before you notice what kind of car it is, you will register its colour. When you walk into a store and see a rack full of dresses, you will reach for the one in your favorite colour (no matter what the style is). When we walk into a room we notice the colour on the walls, the colour scheme of the furniture, and the decorations and we respond.

Have you ever walked into a room and thought it cold? Or have you entered one and thought it cozy and advising.When you want to feel happy, you will put on your best outfit in your favourite colour. But when you dress for a sad occasion, you choose muted and dark colours.

Colour is important. Studies prove that our brain is hardwired to respond emotionally to visual stimuli. Colours are the first thing our brain registers and responds to.

Just as important as colour is in our personal lives, it is important in creating a strong brand identity. Take a look at the figures below.

Some of the biggest companies spend millions of dollars on their branding and on studies about how their clients respond to specific colours. Often when clients ask me to design a logo, they have a specific colour range in mind. Almost always the colours they want are their favourite colours.

But these colours may not be to the best choices for a successful business identity and branding. The colours that make them feel happy may not be sending out the right message about their product or service. Since logo is one of the most important pieces of company’s branding (it is something that will be on all documents, letterhead, envelopes, and collaterals), it must be memorable. It must also trigger the right emotional response in your clients.

Look at the colours that Harley Davidson uses. The black, orange and white colours of their logo are no accident. The colours (in combination with the font style and graphic elements) say rugged, strong, fast, and masculine. Since the majority of people who purchase Harley Davidson motorcycles are still men, it sends out that message loud and clear. Imagine if the company chose to use pink instead of orange. It would not resonate with their client demographic and might result in loss of sales.

Choosing the right colours is an important process for BRANDING. Before we chose a colour scheme for your business, we need to learn about the product or service your company is offering. We need to know the demographic of your clients and understand the voice of your company.

Are you using the most effective colours for your business? Is your client’s emotional response what you want it to be? Only when we have gathered all this information can we develop a successful colour palate to ensure that your company’s branding is successful.