As it often happens, we tend to stop and do a little playback of where we were and where we are headed. When I think back I realize that my professional journey started when I was about 9 years old. As the oldest child in a family that moved around a lot for work, it was never easy for me to create long-lasting friendships. So, my dad gave me my first camera and everything changed after that. When I printed my first black and white image, I realized that I could tell stories and connect with what was around me through photographs. And so my first lifelong friendship was born. I think I knew already then that no matter what life threw at me, I would always use my creativity along the way.
Against the wishes of most people, I studied photography and pursued a career as a professional photographer. I was happy but something was still missing. Many times when I was behind the camera I felt that the image I was photographing would be better if it was shot in a different way—from a different angle, with just a touch more light on this side or the other, or with different props (often I would have picked different props). The art director in me was coming out. Being behind the camera and acting as an art director was a tough battle and very rarely one I could win. Soon I admitted that I was stretching myself thin and needed to make a decision: behind the camera or artistic control. As much as photography will always be my passion, I felt I could offer more value as an art director. So I switched hats and handed over the camera to others.
I love art directing and am proud to say that my team and I create amazing photographs for our clients. Soon though, my clients started asking for design and layout as well. They needed more than photography. They also needed someone who could guide them and oversee the completion of all the projects in order for their business to succeed. I knew then that there was an opportunity for me to expand into graphic design.
I dived into graphic design without seeing how deep the waters were. I learned to swim and over time how to swim very well. But before I knew it, I was juggling three creative hats plus an administrative one for running my own business. Some days I wore all of them. It didn’t take me long to realize that I couldn’t do them all well without running myself into the ground. It certainly wasn’t an effective way to grow a business, either. Letting go of the creative aspect was not an easy decision to make. However, once I surrounded myself with some amazingly talented people, it was easier than I thought. That was how North 17 Design Group came to be.
North 17 Design Group is a team of creative people who collaborate and create together. What is my official title and the new hat that I now put on every day? I am the Creative Director and I love it. I love meeting clients and hearing their stories. I want to know about their passions, dreams, and goals. It is my job to take their dreams and their goals and find the best way to make their business the success it deserves to be. Quite honestly, can you really call it a job when you love what you do? We SERVE OUR CLIENTS through a complete branding process, marketing and advertising strategy, or by updating or refreshing websites, social media (platforms), new collateral material and more. I can’t do it alone, but I can do it in a team with my talented partners.
Now that you know my story, let me hear yours and see how my team and I can help you reach the level of success you deserve.


We listen…we analyze…we create…we test… we deliver But mostly we embrace every project with passion and determination to produce and deliver our best because our clients' success is our success.



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